Chairman's Message

"We will Professionalize Revenue Collections"

Carlos G. Dominguez

Secretary of Finance
Chairman, Philippine Tax Academy

Today, we are taking a great leap forward in professionalizing our revenue agencies. R.A. 10143 empowered the Department of Finance to establish such an institution – the Philippine Tax Academy (PTA). It is a self-sustaining, dynamic and innovative center of excellence for capacitating tax and customs administrators, taxpayers and other stakeholders.

We must have efficient and honest revenue raisers, and those are the BIR, BOC, and the local treasurers all over the country.

It is so important that the people have trust in the revenue collectors, that the revenues they are collecting are fair, and that they are honest and there is no corruption. And I’m sure our two main agencies-the BIR and BOC are going to lead from the front, they are going to set the standards, they are going to set the tone of honesty and efficiency.

After we collect it efficiently and honestly, we must make sure that the people know that these investments are not wasted; that they are investments in areas that are good for the society in general. The department’s goal is to make sure the investments made by the other agencies are economical and good for our society.

We hope the continuing professional development of our revenue personnel will be based on the highest standards. We expect the curriculum to be state of the art. We will recruit trainers of the best quality.

It will play a key role in the culture change we seek to achieve in our revenue agencies. Through the PTA, we could aspire for a cluster of revenue agencies equipped with the best skills available and imbued with the most admirable ethical norms possible. This includes not only learning about best revenue practices, it will likewise sharpen the professional commitment of our personnel and raise ethical standards across the board.

As a professional training facility, we look forward to collecting information from all over the world, build strong linkages between research and education and ensure complementarity between professional training and professional management. I likewise imagine the PTA will be our facility for developing continuing cooperation with other professional associations, development and funding institutions as well as foreign governments.

There is much promise in this institution. There is much expectation invested in it. I am confident the professional staff we already have will benefit greatly from a culture of constant innovation, ceaseless learning and untiring reinvigoration.

Let’s do this and let’s do it well. Our country will benefit from having revenue agencies manned by highly motivated and highly skilled men and women.